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Our QA Services include inspecting performance, as well as compatibility across all the devices, browsers, and platforms, and en they are properly detecting and correcting issues before deployment. By combining the latest methodologies, industry leading test tools, and years of experience, our expert team members optimize the performance and reliability of your customer management system (CMS).

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Being a full-service quality assurance company, we offer the highest quality services. These are the reasons, why you will choose us.

Technologies and Tools We Use for QA Services

The technologies and tools that we use for these services include

Test Automation Tools

Defect Tracking & Test Case Management Tools

Phases of Quality Assurance Consulting Services

A typical quality assurance lifecycle is divided into four phases including

It is the primary step in which our QI engineers will become acquainted with the product requirements, as well as prepare test artifacts for future tests.

It is the detailed test of the initial development in which deliverables are completed. Often it is required to enhance QA artifacts in this phase.

This phase engages the daily routine testing of the intermediate product versions.

It is the phase of examining the product extensively to make sure that it is ready for production. The QA documentation, in detail, describes, all workflows inside, as well as between all the phases, required artifacts, activities involved, roles, and then define the needed artifacts templates.

Phases of Quality Assurance Consulting Services

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